Great Giveaways Live is a UK registered Limited Company (Company Number: 12372586). All our competitions are drawn and streamed live on Facebook (anyone can watch the live draws for free), winners are chosen at random Via Google Random Number Generator. If that is not enough, judge us by our winners – we post every one of the winners images and videos on our facebook/ instagram page and on our website!


When you purchase an entry you will receive an email confirming you’re the amount of entries and entry numbers for each competition will clearly be displayed in our email to you. 
If for any reason you are unable to access the email, your ticket numbers are also stored and can be accessed via the ‘my account’ section of our website.

All competitions are 100% drawn on the closing date whether the competition has sold out or not.
However, in the event that a particular prize is unpopular and we have not sold any numbers we reserve the right to cancel the competition as per our terms and conditions.
All our live draws are available on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GreatGiveawaysLive

The winner of each competition is announced during our live draw on Facebook.
If you’re not able to watch the live draw, we also contact all our winners immediately after the live draw has ended, via either the telephone number or email you provide to us. Make sure your contact details are up to date!

Firstly, massive congratulations!! We’ll be in touch in the live draw or straight after the live draw to arrange delivery/collection of your prize!

Once we’ve got in touch after the live draw and validated your winning entry we will make arrangements for you to get your hands on your new prize!! 
In most cases, smaller items such as tech will be delivered to you by post or carrier.  Larger items such as vehicles or high-value items such as luxury watches will generally be collected or delivered to you personally. A photo ID such as driving licence or passport will be required for these prizes.

You can enter each individual competition up to a maximum amount of times stated on each competition page, each competition varies so there is not set across all.
The cheaper ones will usually allow a higher amount of entries to be purchased, however please always refer to the competition to see the maximum quantity.

If you wish to enter any of our competitions for free then you must send an unenclosed postcard via Second Class post stating:  Which competition you would like to take part in, the answer to the question specific to that particular competition along with your personal details as follows;
Full Name
Date of Birth,
Postal Address
Email address
One contact number.
Remember postcards must also contain the correct Answer to the question for the competition desired.
Entrants MUST have an active account on our website at the time the free entries are processed, all details on postcards MUST match those on the account to which they are to be added.
All entries must be in 4 days before the competition end date. Extensions will however be considered in the event of an interference in the postal system – such as a strike.
One postal entry equates to one ticket entry into the competition.
Send all entries to: 11 THE LONNEN, RYTON, TYNE & WEAR, NE40 3EY.

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, all entries will then be posted on our Facebook page and website within 24 hours. This will include your draw number to the right of your name which is what we will use in the LIVE draw to decide the winner.
To ensure every participant has the same fair chance of winning, we use Google’s random number generator to select a winner.